Some of the paths I use in my town

I hope you all love Halloween, because I have something very special planned!

Police signs! These have been requested alot of times!

If you want to put these on your signboards, you can find the correct info on my conversion page

2000 followers! Thank you all so so so much! More patterns are coming soon!

Town Hall sign

Oriental patterns for your interiors!

Hello everyone! Sable here with good news!

Alot of people were asking about how to put my designs on signboards in the game. This was a rather difficult process that required editing images etc. An easy solution is now available! From now on, every pattern that needs editing to be put onto a signboard will be available on this page:

Sable’s Machine Conversion Page

The process on how to get the codes in your game in the correct way is described! I hope this helps all of you! New patterns will be added as they come out, and if any pattern is missing/ not working please let me know!

Star wand