Are you still trying to change the QR pictures so they can be used or do you not want people to use them without your permission?

Yes! I’m working on it, so everybody can easily convert them!

do you charge anything for requests?

Oh no, not at all! All qr requests are free! I’m not able to fulfill all requests though.

To all people who have sent messages that they are unable to convert the QR codes for signboards, rest assured help is coming. I’m working on a long term solution without the need to edit the original posts, so please stay tuned!

I absolutely love your patterns but no matter what I do, thulinma never recognizes the QR code. I've done everything you've said. Would you please upload the raw SD card image of the Re-Tail sign? That's the only way it will work for me :/ Thank you so much xx

I can’t post the raw acnl picture, since this pattern was made directly in thulinma, uploading this picture should help you though:

Star wand

Orchard sign

A cute faceboard with Isabelle and Digby!


I believe the reason that the patterns do not often work with the editor is because they are a different color and size, and when they are cropped the proportion is lost. Do you have/mind posting the raw SD card image for the campsite, re-tail, and cafe qr codes? Also, I love your designs keep up the good work ^-^

They always work when they are cropped down to a square image though! I can’t post the raw SD card images since I don’t save those, but I just tested it myself and the editor always takes those patterns when you crop them without any problem. More info on how to do it is in my faq. :)

I’ll do a couple more tests, and if it really doesn’t work, I’ll try and search another solution for the future. I can’t help acnl’s policies on copying designs though :/

UPDATE: I’ve found that after you cropped the image in paint, you should resize it to exactly 193x193 pixels, it always works that way, even if it’s a colored QR code, also updated the FAQ on this!